Video interviews are increasingly being used during the job application process due to their convenience for candidates and employers. There are two types of video interview:

Live, one-to-one – where an interviewer in a remote location interviews you directly via a webcam.

Asynchronous – where your answers to pre-set questions are recorded using your webcam and these are reviewed by an interviewer at a later date.

Whichever type of view interview you are invited to, considerations include:

Answers – know your CV; prepare answers to the types of questions listed below; and research the company.

Presentation – look smart and position your chair so you are looking directly at your webcam.

Location – a quiet, tidy place where you won’t be interrupted. Switch your phone off.

Try the CandidateTalent video recorder
to practice your answers to the questions listed below.

1. What interests you in working for our company?
2. Who is our leading competitor; and what initiatives are they taking that we should be paying attention to?
3. What are the business and social trends for our business going forward?
4. Tell us about a position of responsibility you held and needed to make an important decision.
5. How do you deal with a very angry customer?
6. Give an example where your contribution led to a successful outcome for your team.
7. Tell us about one of your weaknesses.
8. Rank the following in order of importance – Profits, Customer Service, Transparency, High Social Media Ranking, and Honesty.
9. How can you support us in our Corporate Social Responsibility?

Privacy: The audio/video recording is temporarily uploaded for immediate playback in your browser only.
There is no recording permanently stored on our/any servers. Once you leave this page the recording is no longer available.


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