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Whether you’re applying for a student placement, graduate career or are an experienced mover, Candidate Talent has a range of tools to help you right the way through the application process so they can land your dream job.

CV Builder

Create a perfect CV using a range of templates that are proven to present you in the best possible way.

Interview Practice

Try our free video interview practice tool and rehearse the answers to the types of questions you’re likely to be asked.

Test Practice

Access psychometric assessment practice tests and answers to help you improve their scores in the real test.

What difference does a great CV make?

Too often CVs are written simply to summarise what you’ve done so far: qualifications, jobs and experiences. But what the most successful CVs do is to convey what you’re capable of and make you stand out in a competitive job market.

What you need to
know about CVs

  • Employers spend an average of 6.5 seconds reading a CV.
  • 48% of all CV’s that are more than two pages long are discarded.
  • 43% of CVs are discarded if they’re written in the third person.

Writing a CV isn’t alway as straightforward, but a CV template can be a very useful guide in shaping the story about you, what you’ve done, and in presenting the most appropriate type and quantity of information that makes you stand out as a candidate.

Why practice video interviews?

What’s your greatest flaw? This is the question that our research found candidates thought most difficult. Of course you can practice the answer, but do you know how you look when answering? Confident, convincing, compelling?

Why is video
interviewing increasing?

  • In 2019, video interviewing was being used by 60% of hiring managers and recruiters.
  • 47% use video interviewing to shorten the hiring timeframe.
  • Due to Covid, video interviewing is likely to increase.

Video interviews where the candidate is recording answers to set questions can be quite unnerving, as there are no visual cues or feedback from an interviewer to indicate if you’re on the right track. Practicing your answers and playing back enables you to assess how you would’ve answered better and how you look..

What are Psychometric Tests?

A psychometric assessment test is one where you are expected to answer a series of questions, within a given time limit. The tests are designed to measure your aptitude or mental abilities, and suitability for a particular job role. Try sample questions…

Who’s using
Psychometric Testing?

  • According to SHL, testing is used by 61% of businesses. With a further 18% planning to use it in the near future.
  • 75% of ‘The Times Best Companies to Work For’.
  • 80% of Fortune 500 firms.

Psychometric tests can be challenging but also provide a number of positive benefits, including saving you time on long application forms; are a great way to showcase your abilities; and are easy to complete from anywhere online.

Leveling the playing field

We want to give you the tools to present yourself in the best possible light by giving you insights, through practice, to improve your CV, interviewing and test performances to land that placement, graduate scheme or job.

Best Value

Everyone deserves the opportunity to prepare, when applying for jobs.


Practice interviews and tests to focus on what and how to improve.


Our CV templates, interview questions and tests have been created by experts.

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